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November 13th, 2010, 00:06
Demon Stone is, well, highly forgettable. If you're not used to beat 'em up games you'll likely find it little more than a pain in the arse. It's very little like other D&D games, and I'd tentatively call it an action RPG.

Dark Messiah Might & Magic is quite a good game if you can forgive its flaws. It's not the most balanced game and it has a number of flaws (Such as its controls) which can take away from the experience. If you've played the previous M&M games, then let me say this is nothing like them. It's in Ubisoft's own M&M setting (i.e. the one they use for HoMMV) and it's really only good for one or two runs.

Been playing Overlord recently (Steam sale FTW), and it's absolutely hilarious. I find it best to play in short bursts, but if you've got a sense of humour then you'll be laughing quite often and really enjoy it. Wouldn't say it's supremely balanced but it'll keep you on your toes. Despite it's polish, I think the animations for NPCs are terrible. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, so don't blame it for being cliché, childish or anything.

Torchlight is, in my opinion, vastly overrated. However, if you like Titan Quest or Diablo, I think you'd like it.

Portal'll keep you busy for an afternoon or an evening, but it's not a long game at all. Very good game, however.

I don't like V:TM-B from what I've played. Yes, I understand it wasn't in a great situation financially nor from a development point of view, but I find the animations poor, the graphic quality is all over the place, it's buggy and it's just… I think even Two Worlds was more polished. For a game from a major publisher, it's horrific.

They're the only ones I can really comment on, to be honest.
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