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Default Zant on hard difficulty

November 15th, 2010, 10:35
Hello all,

I started the game on hard difficulty and Zant without any seals seems a bit impossible for a lev 8 party because he regenerates so fast between my spikes of dmg it feels I dont do anything. The fire arrows hit like 1 out of 5, bear traps take too long to be placed and until the next 3 are up, the Zant has again full health, while Forgrimm and my character( warrior sw+shield/ 2 haded sword when not focused) don't manage to land constant hits on the demon.

I feel I can take the demon out without the healthregen, as the damage he is doing to me can be healed, which means I would probably need to use the seal of armour, so I can land hits more often.

Can I ask what are the rewards for defeating the demon with 0 seals used ? is it worth knocking my head on this wall ?
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