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November 19th, 2010, 00:32
Here's a couple of new Dragon Knight Saga reviews and below, news that the retail version has sold out in the UK.
First, Resolution Magazine scores 8/10 in their critique:
AFTER THIRTY minutes with Divinity II it’s easy to conclude that it shouldn’t work. After all, video gaming provides such an infinite scope for storytelling, so why do so many resort to ‘ye old adventure?’ “Developers who peddle such traditional RPG claptrap in the year 2010 are outright lazy”, you’ll cry! And yet, for all its goblin slaying, Divinity II manages to do something magical, appealing to the inner child before unleashing it on a fantasy world full of charm.
…and 9/10 at Neoseeker:
Divinity II won't be remembered for an incredible story, but it is solid in its own right. The real treat is the dialogue and characterization, both of which stand up to heavyweights like Obsidian, Black Isle and Lionhead.
Conversations are well-written and at times outright hilarious -- I found myself many times having to really stop and laugh out loud. One scene in particular stands out, where I had the option of trading with a skeleton or giving him an existential crisis -- I'll leave the rest to your imagintion and amusement. As with all skilled writing of this variety, it's woven perfectly in with the more serious overarching story, including some horrific bits.
On a different topic, Lar posts on the forums that Mastertronic is rushing more stock after selling out in the UK:
Mastertronic has promised to provide more stock for Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga after the first batch sold out. The launch allocation has run out ahead of it's release today. But the game's distributor has assured retailers that there will be sufficient supply to meet demand. "Our experience with the original Divinity II meant that we were expecting good things for the launch of this expanded edition, but the demand has really taken us by surprise" said Mastertronic's group sales director James Cato.
More information.
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