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Default Ergo's AddonPack for TRoT [Mods] (v1.35)

November 19th, 2010, 01:05
Ergo's AddonPack
for Drakesang: The River of Time

+ New application icon
+ 3 new advantages for combat attributes
+ 7 new advantages for spells
+ 6 new disadvantages
+ 10 traits
+ 8 backgrounds (advantages)
+ 50% faster plant lore (gathering) and animal lore (skinning)
+ 25% faster movement speeds for all (including NPCs and monsters)
+ Renamed some attributes and special abilities back to as they were in Drakensang 1
+ Game follows orignal P&P rules more accurately
+ Darker dungeons
+ Localization fixes
+ Bug fixes

- Spell localization fixes
* Renamed "Elvenword Silken Speech" to "Elfenwood Silkenspeech" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Restituo" to "Attribute Restoration" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Rescindere" to "Rescindere Disenchant"
* Renamed "Thunderbolt" to "Fulminictus Thunderbolt"
- Renamed "Clumsy Oaf" disadvantage to "Slow", since there is already "Clumsy" and it's more describing now
- Renamed "Insensitive" disadvantage to "Fragile", to make it more describing
- Revamped advantage categories
- Added 6 new advantages for spells
- Added a new disadvantage for spells
- Fixed issue with installer if installation path doesn't contain any spaces

- Added new traits "Ancestors Blood", "One Hander" and "Talented"
- Restored "Astral Block" disadvantage
- Casting times adjusted to better follow P&P
* Clarum Purum (cure poisons) casting time increased to 7 rounds (was 1)
* Balm of Healing casting time increased to 5 rounds (was 3)
- Renamed "Arrow Tempest" to "Rain of Arrows" as it was in Drakensang 1
- Renamed existing advantages like "Vitality Bonus" to "Vigor" to follow P&P naming
- Balanced and fixed the new advantages
- Minor localization fixes

- Darker interiors (in areas where sky is not visible)
- More localization fixes
- Advantages' descriptions fine tuned
- Renamed "Lightning Reflexes" -> "Combat Reflexes", as such name exists in TDE
- Renamed "Leveling Points" to "Experience Points", as it was in Drakensang 1
- Added proper Special Abilities to quick slots to archetypes
- Changed hit zones to follow P&P rules
- AddonPack fix, Gifted was not giving +1 to Strength

- Included "Fixpack" by JOG
* Dialog: You can show the pocket watch to Ulwina Neisbeck even if you managed to have more than one (Possible with stealing…)
* Perfect Soul Knife: magic "on Hit" effect now also available for Half-Elves as it should be (Fayris)
* Perfect Soul Spear: magic "on Hit" effect now also available for Half-Elves as it should be (Fayris)
* Fayris/Jaakon no longer lament over the fight against the trolls on the bridge when it didn't actually happen
* In Nadoret's thieves guild, Cano now only refuses to leave the party when the player isn't a member of the guild himself
* Shadow Robe: removed clipping problems with some hairstyles (New game required)
* Hood: removed clipping problems with some hairstyles (New game required)
* Perfected Soul Spear: Contrary to the item description there was no AT+1,TP+1 bonus (New game required)
- Included "Charakteroptik Mod" by JOG as well
* New bodies: Humans and Elves will now have 23 bodies for females and 19 bodies for males to pick from.
* New hairstyles: 10 hairstyles for Middenrealmian and Tulamidian females and 13 for Amazons
* New faces: 9 different faces to both sexs to pick from.

- Added support for other mods (Thanks to JOG)
- Minor updates to advantage strings
- Changed "Resistance to Magic" to "Resist Magic" as it was in Drakensang: The Dark Eye (to fit in the layout)
- Removed "Beast of Burden", was causing crash if no armor
- Added "Spellcasting Prodigy"

- Minor changes to Backgrounds
- Localization fixes
- Renamed some Special Abilities
- New advantage: Beast of Burden
- New disadvantage: Humpback
- New trait: Scorched by Magic

- Initial release

New advantages/disadvantages

New magic advantages (spellcasters only)

Traits (Advantages with 0 cost)

Backgrounds (Only 1 can be picked)

P&P Hit Zones

Advantages categories revamped.

If you want to use this mod with other mods, then install this as the last mod.
Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/IAorpiJd…TRoT_v150.html
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