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November 19th, 2010, 00:52
The humor is one of its strongest points, it's not forced like in many RPG's, it just comes very natural and often really hilarious.

I have played maybe 50% of it and i would rate it 7/10 so far.. It's kind of an arcadey Oblivion with much less exploration, even the loot hovers over ground like in a Mario game + there's jumping puzzles (i like those though).

The characters are quite good, better than TW2 or Oblivion (might not be that hard but..)

Combat is quite poor, archery with its autoaim is very, very boring after a few hours. I've started investing in strength now at least so maybe it'll be at least a bit more fun with some melee combat too.

Performance is some of the worst i've encountred in game. Oblivion or FO3 (which uses the same engine) gives me twice the FPS, if not more. Very disapointing. Not everyone seems to have this problem though.
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