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November 19th, 2010, 12:55
There were also some inconsistencies with the translations and too many word-to-word translations as well. Like in the settings, there were values, Low, Medium, Up(High) and difficulty levels were named as Easy, Normal and Difficult (Hard). So those are fixed as well. And most of the special abilities were renamed since Drakensang 1, like Stormblade was renamed as Blade Flurry, so I also changed them back.

And since you can now pick up three advantages/disadvantages, I wanted to bring them a bit further and there is now new advantages/disadvantages, traits (0 cost) and background advantages (representing characters childhood/youth). All of them fully optional though.

And of course the speed up for walking/running speeds as well for herb gathering and skinning made return from Ergo's Fixpack for Drakensang 1.

It's a really nice game. I recommend it to all BG-style lovers.
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