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November 19th, 2010, 14:39
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
The game runs mostly flawlessly for me. Of course, I have a quadcore Phenom II 940 and an ATI 5770 video card. I've hit one bug where I fell through the ground twice by the goblins at the start, but haven't ever had that problem since I left that area so I don't really think anything of it.

This way this game uses the gamebryo engine makes Oblivion and FO3 look like amateur hour. This game is easily my favourite RPG since Risen. It may even be a little better than that, putting it a #2 after Arx Fatalis. I even stopped playing New Vegas (the charm of hourly crashing may have worn off, though) partway to play this instead. It's that good.
Well, I had about the same amount of crashing with Divinity II when it was released as New Vegas but the problem with Divinity II was that one crash in the starting map was a gamestopper only solved by going the illegal way. It always annoys me when illegal purchasers get a better running game.

Glad to see they seem to have solved the crashing with the add-on. Hopefully sending in my savegames helped.
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