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November 19th, 2010, 22:25
i'm just curious of how much of it there is, what's wrong with that? If its like 5% of the game i don't care, but too much of it and i doubt i'll bother, or i'll just play up till that part..

It's good enough so far i think, like all games its not perfect, combat being the weak part (hoping it'll be better now when i've invested in more than just archery/stamina).

How's a 7/10 a "piece of shit" anyways? I cant even see how a score like that is offensive, if that was your problem with my post. Would be one thing if i has said it was a 3/10 game.

Would also be interesting to know how far i am into the game, im doing some puzzle quests right now, i'm in a room with lots of gold (that im not supposed to touch), trying to figure out what to do..
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