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November 24th, 2010, 10:42
Alganon has drastically changed it has had its up and downs and has now gotten to a refined and polished point. The game back in December of 2009 is nothing compared to what it is now.
This indie company has changed a lot. And under a new president has rose from ashes, back to a game that is worthy of my time and money. I'm not a fan boy by any means, I just really support indie companies that listen to there customer base.

One problem this game does suffer and is being remedied is low population. But the president Derek Smart has promised an aggressive marketing campaign soon. He feels that the reason for not advertising at the moment. Was due to the damage, that was suffered by his predecessor. And the promises and unrealistic goals he (the predecessor) had made to investors and the community to some time to repair and make right.

But , I believe once the marketing begins and people see how different the game is. They will be excited to play a game with DAOC style PvP. Plus, I think this hybrid model of play they have works.

As it currently stands as a free player you get to experience the game up to level 30 with all the quest you can handle (limited to 10 in your quest log). And as a free player you cannot use server wide chat or local chat, but you do have access to the Help Channel, Say, Guild, Party and Whisper. Also you do not have access to in game mail so using the AH is a downer. Also you can not make a guild as a free player.

But if you get past that and realize that all of those things can be bought and are permanent your golden. It kind of like guild wars you buy the game and its free forever. Also if you buy said super pack you get all expansions and classes for free when they come out this includes level cap increases and such.

They have added tons of content and have overhauled the whole game to make it fun.
The only other bug that is minor that the guys in my guild have found is some mob pathing issues.

So if you like World of Warcraft style PVE, with raids and instance, but are longing for a game with Dark Age of Camelot PvP then look no further.
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