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November 26th, 2010, 08:05
I finally got the game running. It seems that with ATI video cards, like mine, you have to run a benchmark or video card stress test in the background because the game has a bug in it that prevents it from otherwise running smoothly in WinXP with ATI cards. I kid you not! I found this out at World of Gothic, the official site and forums for the game. Ironically, those with Win7 or even Vista will have no problems. Those with Nvidia cards can even run in WinXP with no problems. It's just the combination of WinXP, ATI, and Gothic 1. For this reason, I sold my copy and decided to forget I ever heard of the game. Risen was way better anyhow, and thankfully not part of the Gothic series in any case. I did play through Gothic 1 and beat it first, though. I was bored though, since I expected somthing more interesting in the way of plot than what I experienced after finally getting it to run. The whole drugged out cultists worshipping a [SPOILER ALERT!!!] giant bug thing made me laugh. What I went through just to play this game made me cry. In the end, neither range of emotions seemed worth the experience. But at least it ran!

My experience with Gothic 2 was better than with Gothic 1, but what killed it for me with Gothic 2 was the AI bugs. The Elite Orcs and Orc Warlords and Leaders would sometimes refuse to attack. I heard this was because of the community patch for the game, which introduced this bug. So in the end, I sold Gothic 2 too, the same day I sold the first game. Gothic 3 was even worse! Gods, so much so. Wait until I tell you what I went through with that one… it was an epic struggle, just trying to get it to work. A struggle that I sadly lost in the end, due to bad programming on the part of the game's developers. How bad? Read on and see…

In Gothic 3, the game stutters when loading on the fly and this stuttering is like short pauses. Not too bad, you might say? Ah! But imagine these pauses every time you start to run. Walking? Not so much. But running… ugh! On the official forums, I learned the stuttering is actually how the game loads things. It seems the developers think of it as a feature, the loonies. And it cannot be fixed. Even the community patch team said it was not fixable! What makes this so horrid, is that when you get to a big crossroads like the area around Telis the stutter will randomly increase until the game actually freezes. Hard freezes, that require a manual reset of the PC! It seems these stutter-casued freezes can even cause BSODs on the latest ATI drivers. I finally fell back to my old driver, just to avoid the BSODs, but it did not stop the freezes… sadly. And that was the final nail in the coffin for me when it comes to the Gothic series. I sold Gothic 3 along with 1 and 2 at Gamestop for some credit. I still have Risen, though. The only game that these developers have actually gotten right. I played Risen from beginning to end with no bugs whatsoever. It was Heaven! So now you know what transpired once I finally was able to play the Gothic trilogy of games. A mistake I shall never repeat.
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