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November 26th, 2010, 14:49
It is strange indeed that only the Gothic series caused those problems.

As for me, all the Gothic games have run flawlessly although i haven't used an ATI graphics card in the whole of my gaming life span (i'm pure Nvidia) - PB also recommend Nvidia eg: as per the G3 start logo.

G1 - out of the box - runs smooth as a babies bottom.
G2 - out of the box - runs like a hot knife through butter.
G3 - last 'official' patch (no CP) - runs without a hitch.

All games were boxed retail, my best 'series' gaming experience ever.

As a gamer, it is sad but seems that we are opposite ends of the Gothic experience spectrum from what appears as no more than mere technicallities….. i offer my sincere gothic commiserations to Mondain_the_Mad.
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