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November 26th, 2010, 17:37
Som reviews of DSK.

From gamespot average critic review 82% and average user review 88%. For one thing the game is missing advertisement. Hardly anyone knows it exists. There are no threads in game forums evens (som niche rpg ones excluded). Id say critics could have given it like +5 more if money had been put on adverting.

Here is one user review (9 out of 10 users agree with it):
If you ever played Oblivion or Dragon Age Origins and liked it - you will LOVE Divinity 2: DKS. If you ever played EGO DRACONIS original - you probably want to replay it in DKS setup. They have reworked the whole game, new graphics engine, a lot of items added, new quests etc.

Dragon Knight Saga includes reworked Ego Draconis and a Flames of vengeance expansion. I am playing EGO DRACONS right now and i can't stop myself. This game is easy better than Oblivion or DAO. Yes it is, and i am a big fan of RPGs. DKS set has the best graphics I've seen in RPGs that is if your PC can handle extreme quality. I am simply in love with this game. And there is SO MUCH more left to play… Since EGO Draconis itself has at least 120 hours of content + Flames of Vengeance, both games - over 200 hours of pure RPG fun.

Some people got bad impression about Ego Draconis from reviews when it came out in 2009. It was pretty ugly game if you ask me. It is reworked and supports DX10 now and this game looks really awesome. I literally wait every day until work is over so I can finally come home and play it again. It happens to me almost never.

This game is a REAL RPG. A lot of customizations options, a lot of equipment, fun quests, humorous NPCs, GREAT voice overs and amazing music tracks.

JUST TRY this game. Don't listen to anyone. TRY IT yourself.

DIVINITY 2: Dragon Knight Saga is probably the best thing that happened in a world of RPGs in a while. Its very well polished and deserves a round 10. At least from me.

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