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November 26th, 2010, 21:44
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
I'm pretty sure that's not what he's talking about, since they're specifically discussing the Good Old Games release. Also, what are you basing this on?
He's talking about how they competed with those pirates in 1999.

Anyway, I really appreciate CD Project's DRM policies. They came from a country where pirated games dominated the market in the past (like my country) so they know the situation of the market and the main problems of legitimate buyers very well. I remember those times when pirated fabricated CDs comes with a quality pressing and a booklet. You couldn't distinguish pirate from the original in those times.

I am one of those people who bought illegal copies in the past. Now I buy my games legally. I buy them because I want to reward devs for their hard work. If I want to play pirated games I will. No one will stop me. Because, pirating a game is a morality issue not accessibility.

Today you can buy an Xbox 360, modify it and play pirated game quite easily. There's no DRM in the Xbox 360. But console games are selling well.

I'm going to buy two copies of Witcher 2 in order to reward CD Project's bold move. Maybe a drop in the lake. But who knows, maybe it will make a change.
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