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November 26th, 2010, 21:47
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I'm pretty sure that's not what he's talking about, since they're specifically discussing the Good Old Games release. Also, what are you basing this on?
Deductive reasoning
CD Projekt as a Polish publisher and distributor of computer games ——-> GOG ———> The Witcher 2 DRM free

From the Eurogamer interview: "When you drive to our office there is a big stadium, it will be the Euro 2012 stadium. 10 years back it was the biggest flea market in central Europe. Inside you had all these folding tables. We were releasing a game, and they were mass-producing the CDs and they were charging per CD. That was our competition." - So, it used to be like that in Poland

"Whatever DRM we used it didn't matter, because they were smart guys and it was about big business and big money. The offering they get at the flea market is a disc – OK, it's crappy with a print out in a strange plastic bag – but maybe we should offer them more." - So, what Can we do about it?

The breakthrough came when CD Projekt released RPG classic Baldur's Gate as Polish publisher. It included a D&D book, five CDs (pirates were charging per CD), a map with a seal, a music CD and more. - Hurray! We have an idea! Professional Polish Version with a lot of goodies in the box.

Baldur's Gate sold 18,000 copies, up from the 3000 average - Hurray! We have sold 6 times more copies than usually. (Total sales since then - more than 100 thousand copies)

So, Polish Version of Baldurs Gate changed polish PC games market
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