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November 26th, 2010, 23:37
So, because they are in a backwoods country where creators have no rights, they hire a crooked lawfirm to use the same bullshit tactics the movie/music corporations used to extort money from elderly women, family pets and children? And you all still applaud them?

The reality is that games sell if they're good and people know they're out there. New Vegas is a great example. Record sales. Record. Fucking. Sales. And it's easy to pirate. And to implement all DLC (or, it will be, based on Oblivion and FO3s history. I have no doubt the 360 exclusive DLC will be available for PC pirates within about a week of release, too, if not a day) and bonus packs for free. Despite the ease of piracy of the game and it's bonus content, the game still sold like nobodies business. And to think, they didn't even have to hire a crooked lawfirm to send out extortion letters to people who didn't deserve it. All they had to do was release a really good game. If TW2 is also a good game, CDP have little to fear from western pirates. It'll still get stolen, but it'll also sell. If it's really good game, and doesn't get inexplicably shat on by the press (srsly, fuck everyone who trashed Alpha Protocol), it'll sell very well.
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