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November 27th, 2010, 17:26
Originally Posted by domein View Post
This is not the point. Point is that selling copies is thing of a past, as in today's digital age anyone can create a copy of almost anything, with as little effort as pressing a few buttons. The best way to avoid piracy of this kind is to sell not a copy but a service. Take world of warcraft for example - blizzard don't give a damn how much you copy it, because they don't sell a copy to you, they sell a service - user account with access to game world and your "save games". And don't tell me that this is different because you cant play it offline, major principle stays the same: service, not a copy.

Good idea in principle but not everyone plays online.Company's have tried and failed to make single player games that require you to be online.Take ubisoft they said it couldn't be cracked and it was.Even MMOS can be emulated with enough time and talent.
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