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Default Impossible random encounters?

November 27th, 2010, 23:05
This is just ridiculous. I'm ready to put Dragon Age away and just go play New Vegas that I bought this weekend, even while I was having a lot of fun.

Upon leaving the mage tower, which I didn't have too much trouble with, I'm again faced with an encounter (the trading guys who want to sell me some stupid book) when traveling to my next destination that kills my party off within 10 seconds. So, I'm basically stuck with no options. One main problem is that my main guy, a two-handed sword warrior who actually has some means of crowd control, gets stunned and then is out of the race for 20 seconds at least. I can't do anything with him. Am I missing something and can I break those debuffs?? If not, it just seems like automatic party wipe to me. What kind of game design is that?

Maybe I'm not smart enough to be playing RPGs and I should go back to Halo and stuff. Not that I was ever very good at Halo.

P.S. Yeah, yeah. Get the mages. I can't even find the mages with this stupid Xbox 360 interface!
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