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November 27th, 2010, 23:43
Yeah, what I tried to was a two-handed sweep right away to at least stun a group in front of me for a while, but I couldn't even finish that move before my main character was stunned.

I had no idea where those mages were. I'm limited to the over-the-shoulder view each of my party's characters have. I can't zoom out or scan the battlefield too much. Even then, most of my party has 3 or 4 debuffs on them the first few seconds after the battle begins.

I'm probably not using my entire party efficiently. That's a console thing, probably. I focus on my own character, the one I created. But everyone dies so fast, it's close to impossible to keep anyone alive. Yes, I can pause, but throwing all healing on even one character can't save him because they're all in the line of fire and health goes down too fast.

Laying down complex tactics seems to be much harder on Xbox 360. I'd be interested in hearing how others dealt with that, if there actually are console players here.

See, it's not like I want every battle to be a cakewalk and just go with the story and dialogue, but the latter is what's especially enjoyable to me. Playing on casual seems like a coward's way out. I just want to be able to find some tactic that works when I run into a group of enemies, and not have to race through the interface before the party is dead within 10-15 seconds.

Shit, I really am a console kiddie now, am I not?
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