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Default Another play through and advice

November 28th, 2010, 19:17
Ok, I'm trying very hard to stay away but I don't think I can


My party will be probably be Me (duel-wield rogue), Alistair, Dog and either Morrigan or Wynne. I need to decide between these two. Since this play through I won`t have two mages, I`m going to have to rethink how I play a lot of things. I`ll also have 3 melee characters as opposed to one.

What would be the best way to build either of them for good AoE and healing and buffs? Previously I used a lot of Petrify and Stonefist, and Blizzard or Earthquake. I supposed I need to make one a Spirit Healer. Should I go for Mana Clash or Glyph of Neutralization for those pesky mages? Any suggestions to help me think outside the box?

Oh I'll probably try some traps and definitely poisons.

I did love Morrigan and had her up to like 97% friendship but I'm mad at her because the devs made her make me force Alistair perform the Ritual *sniff* I know, I know…I didn't have to but after 130 hours of gameplay I sure as heck wasn't killing myself or Alistair

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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