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November 28th, 2010, 20:27
That is what I need to think about-herbalism. I had it but just didn't really take advantage of it. The first time through it was soooo easy to just have Wynne healing away while I (rogue archer) oversaw all the combat choices. I also hated to give up a tactic slot at that point for healing poultices I know I had prepped for the battle and thought I had enough lyrium potions but didn't know I had to go all through Fort Drakon and near the end I noticed Wynne chugging back lyrium like Ogren chugging ale and I was cleaned out before the final battle I ended up using the console to put some in because I just refused at that point to start all over before it. Then I ran into Sandal and was like, "ooohh, thank god for that" I blew a fortune stocking up…just in case.

Did you ask Sandal about the roomful of dead darkspawn?


Btw, for Christmas, I bought my 16 year old son a t-shirt that says, "Enchantment?" He loves Sandal.

How many levels did you put in traps and poisons? I will be maxxing out coercion again.
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