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November 29th, 2010, 15:44
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
While it's easy to blame something like green-screen acting, the problem is that the acting hasn't been that bad in other movies.
Few movies are as green-screen laden as the prequels, though. Most movies with a lot of green-screen tend to provide the actors with small or simplistic sets, so they have something to relate to. But apparently Lucas doesn't think that's important, so according to various interviews and background material - almost everything you see in the prequels, beyond the actors, is entirely computer generated.

The actors have been open about this as a major challenge. But, definitely, Lucas being the director and writer must have been a major contribution as well.

I do agree that Hayden's performance was painfully bad at points - but when I consider the context of the scenes - he did have some extremely emotional things that he had to express - and none of the other actors really had to do that.

It just clashed MAJORLY that he had to do things like avenging his mother - killing a whole tribe of sandpeople, committing mass-scale genocide after a very brief "turnaround", slaughtering children openly, and being burned nearly to a crisp in full view of the audience - in a movie that's otherwise mostly PG slapstick or a horribly written teenage romance "fantasy" story. I don't think you can put those concepts together, but Lucas apparently thought so.

Neeson and Portman have more subtle roles, but if you look carefully - I think most people will find them far below their usual standards. They're just "going through it" with some interesting grimaces along the way

Oh, I agree about Jackson. Never saw the appeal, and having him go: "This party's over" is all I need to understand how seriously I'm supposed to take the films.

But whatever, it's not like the movies are any good to begin with.

The entire prequel trilogy constitutes one of the saddest and most wasted efforts of the movie industry - but what's past is past
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