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December 1st, 2010, 06:24
For me its largely about interesting decisions that can be made. The first couple of moves are usually most interesting in most games because they tend to determine the course of battle. After the battle is won from those decisions everything else is mopping up and that is boring.

Lots of console games have 'cursor memory' to help with this so knowing that you are probably just going to spam the same attack you did last time and make it easy. This does not make it fun however since you are just doing the same thing over and over. If I can just hold A down to kill everything then why even bother. If you really had to think about which attack or spell every turn it tends to be more interesting. Sometimes boss battles give random immunity to the boss to force you to change tactics and that helps keep it fun by forcing you to pay attention.

I dont mind long battles if they are interesting throughout. Some of my JA2 battles saw what seemed like hours of combat where I strategically defended a mine and killed 80 or more enemy combatants with only 6 mercs. The fun there was to get proper placement so that I was properly defending mercs against interrupts and flanking maneuvers. Those battles tended to be interesting because the outcome was still highly variable but with proper strategies could still be effectively managed.
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