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December 3rd, 2010, 13:58
Originally Posted by Mondain_the_Mad View Post
Ok, so during the summer my cousin bought me a copy of Gothic 1 while he was over in the UK. It's the English version and had to be patched to 1.8k from 1.8j. Here's the trouble: the game's FPS is stuck as 25 but when I enter the nest in the Old Mines and the huge idol chamber in the Sleeper Temple the FPS goes down to 10 or less! Thus making the game unplayable in those locations. How do I fix this?

Over at World of Gothic I inquired about it and they told me to try the FPS remover which requires the 1.8k Playerkit. However, installing that not only did nothing to remove the stutter and slowdown in those two locations… but the Playerkit also makes the game freeze whenever I climb the ladder in the Fog Tower during the Chromanin quest.
You have to apply the official 1.08k patch first, then the 108k player kit and then the 108 fps fix:

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