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December 7th, 2010, 12:03
Skyline = good?

I sat watching it, thinking it was probably the worst movie I've ever seen - and the ending nailed it - beyond any doubt

I saw HP7 - and I was slightly disappointed. It's not that I expected that much, but found it too slow and there were some "unfortunate" scenes like a certain dancing scene. That said, it was ok and for some reason, I really enjoyed the music.

I'm also quite fond of the atmosphere that Yates manages to inject, or maybe it's the cinematographer - but it certainly works for me. I haven't read the books, though, so I can't speak to how close it feels to them. I've never thought much of the plot and I think a lot of it is very, shall we say, arbitrary. I don't know if that's just the way the movies are dealing with the material - but I suspect it's just that Rowling isn't a particularly good writer. I'm not getting the "serious material" vibe from plot intricacies that the movies seem to try to get across. It's like a story for children that probably should have stayed that way, but suddenly became too adult. I think Rowling bit over more than she could chew - but until I read the books (like that will ever happen) I can't be sure. I can't really explain it, but way too many things happen in way too convenient ways - without any kind of plausible or believable underpinning to support all the "just in the nick of time" stuff. For instance, I don't understand the rules of the "teleport" power. It's like they teleport away every single time they're in trouble - so I'm not seeing the threat much

She's no Tolkien, though, that's for certain.
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