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December 7th, 2010, 17:39
You should reall read this thread for background information : http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/v…p?f=63&t=14843

Philleasson … is - like Rakorium and Archon Megalon - a truly legendary figure. Meeting them in a game would be like … meeting Drizzt or Elminster in (A)D&D.

The most dominent region is the "Middlerealms" where there happened a lot things in the past.

In th late 80s, Borbarad invaded Tobrien (don't know the English name for it … on the map it is the region around the "Tobrian Sea"), and of Emperor (German "Kaiser") Hal the magnificiant (he proclaimed himself even god-like status) … well, I think he didn't battle him (Borbarad), because Hal simpl disappeared at one point during a hunt in a wood, or so I understood it. His son, Brin, actually battled the Orcs who were invading the land - to what led to what you can see in the Northland Trilogy - and afterwards, he battled Borbarad.

And ally of Borbi, Galotta, killed Prince Brin with poison, so Princess Emer remained in the battle - she gave birth to two daughters and much later to a son. She survived the "Borbarad Invasion". Her children, too.

Another true legend defeated Borbarad at an immense battle, which was alled he Third Demon-Battle or so - read more abot it in the linked thread. This legend was Raidri Conchobair, legendairy Sword-Master, and always quick with impregnating women (yes, no joke !). He died within this immense battle.

Since then, the whole Middlerealm and connected realms have been trying to reach former glory.

The "Demon Crown" Borbi tried to use was destroyed, too, an is splinters - which had been "empowered" by immense powers of arch-demons - were snagged up by several allies of Borbi : Galotta (ex cour mage of the MIddle Realm, was heavily insulted by Nahema, another true legend), Xeraan, Rhazzazor (called "Rhazzi" by players, an undead dragon), Glorana (the Ice Queen high in the north), Dimiona, Count Helme Haffax, THE stretegist of the Middle-Realms, and the mysterious Scretchu. Pictures can be found here : http://www.wiki-aventurica.de/index.php/Heptarch

Xeraan "used" the so-called "Black Amazons", of which you can see several in both rakensang games. http://www.wiki-aventurica.de/index….hwarze_Amazone

In the Year Of The Fire, Galotta tried to completely eradicate the capital of the Middlerealm, Gareth. He died in this attempt. His "tool" was a gigantic flat flying fortress (fans call it the "Death Star" sometimes) completely made of unholy materials.

Since these times, a try of the makers of TDE and Aventuria was to make the whole world a LOT darker, since this is - in my eyes, and this is completely my subjective point of view - fashion ight now ("dark & gritty"), and they wanted to create a "world or heroes" - which meant that he Middlerealm became so much weakened that heroes were of much more use then in earlier times.

This concept has provoked a small schism amiong the fans, with those who actually like and ove "Darkturia", and thoe who don't and want rather the fairy-tale aspect (whih others believe to be rather "childish) back, because this fairy-tale aspect was a rather unique aspect that let TDE stand out of other RPGs/settings.

As a last note : The Hetmann of Thorwal from "Blade Of Destiny", the ruler ther, so to say, has also become a "true legend". He isn't available anymore. I don't quite know wheher he is dead or what.

Besides : Borbarad had several incarnations during thousdands of years. In some cases he had taken the name of "Borbarad" then, too.
His brother is Rohal The Wise.
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