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December 8th, 2010, 11:31
I think the problem is more related to the view a lot of companies have these days. When I make a game it is like art…. and I take pride in it. If I sold a horse armour for $5 I would be ashamed to rip-off my lovely customers.

Games have moved from a labour of love to mass market money makers.

I also think the entire idea of DLC is really hard… how do you sell something to extend a complete game? and you know that not everyone is going to buy it… so it can't be too important to the story… and it should be possible to play it after you already played through the original game.. yet it can't be as extensive as an add-on……

Episodic content on the other hand… that is something I believe much more in… but it won't work for an open world RPG for example.
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