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December 9th, 2010, 06:37
I'm all for polished games but is it really going to be easier in the long run to design content around 5 classes then decide to add more and just stuff them in there?

The levels they make will be designed around the skills/abilities of those 5 classes and so you can't really add a new class but just a new mix of an old class.

Its like if they made the levels without rogue in the game then added him later there would be nothing to lockpick and no traps to disarm, etc. So if you start off like this you can't really add NEW classes with new mechanics that are useless most the game.

So if you've settled on your mechanics its pretty simple from there to find all the applicable classes and add them too.

I still think it would be cool if they tried to include all the races, giant, flying, etc. And all classes. Really sat down to think about how to translate things that work well face to face in pen and paper games to a computer game. More than just lockpicking or an Int check to read the writing on the wall.

Not that I've ever played PNP, but I've played all the dnd crpgs and I feel like things lost momentum in recent years. We had BG2, NWN 1, which had the best toolkit everů Then nothing. NWN2 had lots of classes and races, I'll give it that, but the toolkit just never happened. Can we get a new NWN 1 with a huge amount of content with 4E rules and efficient enough to make persistent worlds with? Is that asking too much?
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