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December 11th, 2010, 21:25
Have you seen how Ulwine Neisbeck died ?

This was the work of a God.

It might have been Phex, or even rather Praios … or perhaps Rondra, because Lighning and Thunder are her domains …

This is part of what I like of Aventuria The Gods are there and they might even put their finders into what's going on there …

Unlike in RL, the Gods don't necessarily need humans as tools to work out their wills … They are capable of doing it themselves, if they wish to do so …

Although … I think I remember in TDE 3rd and 2nd editions it was easier for Aventurian Gods to intervene … I think with the 4th edition they were scaled back a lot … No more "Instant Miracle" …

But still - yes, they "use" inhabitants of Aventuria as "tools", and these "tools" are primarily the holy people and sacred mambers of the churches … But innocent ones can be "tools" as well …

The term "tool" sounds a bit too harsh to me … because this word kind of implies a technocratic kind of thinking. The Gods of Aventuria, however, do kind of care about their followers. They wouldn't sacrifice them without a proper reason. They might be like pawns on a chessfield, but they are still something special to the Gods of Aventuria I think …
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