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December 14th, 2010, 14:13
My previous post explaining how the gothics ran without problems was all in the past and with good old Windows XP and although i've stopped playing the gothics some time back i was very curious as to why there are serious problems for some gamers running the gothics on Windows 7 -64-bit…would it be the same for me?

First, to see if any problems would show up, i installed and ran G1 once again. It ran flawlessly with complete fluidity with no problems, 1.08j straight out of the box with no patches, mods, starter kits, no nothing! - after reaching several levels i removed G1 knowing as i suspected and for referrence that all runs well.

I decided to skip G2 knowing there was a 64bit dll problem with Nvidea graphics, maybe another time.

My main concern was G3, to see if this superb game would run at all on Win-7- 64-bit.

I installed G3 followed by the 1.74 Community patch with no problems but after being dropped into the Ardea liberation i was completely disappointed - - the lag was unbearable and stutter almost continuous. Mondain_the_Mad's points struck home hard and fast, it was a mess.

After this, i had a strange retrospective notion….i wondered if the 1.12 patch - the patch i strongly advocate (because of its chaste purity) would make any difference. I clean installed G3 once more followed by the PB 1.12 patch then followed by the latest AMD dual core optimiser, a fix for the well known stuttering problem, followed by the latest Microsoft DirectX Redistributable driver, the game loaded but then the "put the DVD in the drive" error popped up, i knew what this meant, the Tages protection was not allowing my game to boot. I quickly found the latest version 64-bit Tages protection driver and installed it, this would allow my retail G3 to boot….and it did.

G3 ran beautifully, the lag was gone, the fluidity returned, the game had me so "pulled in" and ran just as it did several years ago - if not better. There is nothing "game stopping inferior" or even "mediocre" with the 1.12 patch. I power tested by running for two full eight-hour runs with no stutter or lag problems.

With all of the above trials using Nvidea graphics - the latest version 260/xx_win7_64bit_international driver was installed.

On my games rig i use the Windows 'bare install' method, no updates, no internet, no anti-virus, all extraneous processes disabled.

Hope this info' will help some Gothic gamers, it worked for me.
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