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December 16th, 2010, 19:11
Originally Posted by rich ruffo View Post
Usually this kind of delay is from a business stand point and not game quality , there for another game is being stored in the ware house and collecting dust. If the developers are hard at work polishing the game for a better product for the customer then Please… take as much time as they need ! Personally i think all of the big gaming companies are full of shit, Money comes first then quality and customers last on the list of priorities .
I have to agree with you.When a game is finished and already has a release date set and lets not forget the trailers in the last few weeks hyping it. Its not going to be polished the game will be pressed and shipped to company's with a label do not sell to whenever it comes out. The dev team will move on to dlc or another project. Did anyone here remember alpha protocol same thing and in the end it was a dud.

I work in retail shipping and we revive games and movies weeks to months ahead of the release date. Don't pop the label are you will be fined it has happened.
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