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December 16th, 2010, 19:13
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Thanks azarhal for the update. I was wondering about this game. I already know I hate X, but this one looks interesting.

Is it anything at all like Space Rangers 2?
I never played Space Rangers 2, but the trailer (see JDR13's post) shows what it looks like, but it doesn't express the feeling of the gameplay. Kind of hard to describe, actually. It's not like Darkstar One, there's a lot more strategy involved in SG. The best description would be that you do not control the ship, you give commands to the ship crew.

Right now, with only the tutorial, it feel like playing a TB game, but without turns (or pause, I didn't check to see if they added it). You can't "click, click, click" to attack, weapons have recharge times and you also need to watch the shields. In the tutorial, on normal, one of the "target" you need to take down can drop one of your shield in one hit. Which force you to turn around to have another side facing the "target" or get hull damage (you need to dock at a station to get it repaired).

I do need to play more to have a real opinion, but it does have promising features. What I like so far:
- Stats. Probably too many of them, but I love it.
- Controls. I still need to get used to some of them, but I do like them. They will require practice though. different from what I'm used to play.
- Dice rolls (on weapon damage at least) with critical hits.
- Mining/transport/boarding => Sending your crew to do stuff.

And Tachyon is awesome, I love that game. If you use the "godmode" cheat, Bruce call you on it…lol.
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