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December 16th, 2010, 20:25
Honestly, if this is for game quality, great. From the business-speak it looks like they've realized that releasing a game (particularly on consoles) that is buggy is generally a bad-move and they're going to take another month to make sure Deus Ex doesn't wind up similarly.

Personally I'd encourage other developers/publishers to do the same as even on the PC I'm getting sick of getting a new game and having it virtually unplayable for the first two weeks to a month until a patch arrives.

Edit: Doing a bit of poking around, looks as though the game mentioned that received "harsh criticism" was the new Final Fantasy MMO (which I've been paying absolutely no attention to, and from the reviews I've read rightly so). Looks like the PC version was released with a poorly ported console interface and they've been losing money trying to convince people who purchased the game to keep playing. Hopefully this means that when Deus Ex hits they'll actually have a decent PC interface set up.
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