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December 18th, 2010, 04:00
Originally Posted by Grandor Dragon View Post
Would *anyone* be interested in playing the game like this?
Yes, on my second playthrough.

Ever hear of ironman? Last AAA (I know of) that had that was Wizardry 8. Mostly it's just used in Rogues and indie rpgs now. AAAs are too scared to include it.

Edit: Almost forgot about the online version of Sacred. They had "hardcore" or "ironman" as well. I don't know if Sacred 2 had it. I didn't play that one online at all.

Like DeepO mentioned, if the game is crash-proof then I would be interested in playing ironman. If it isn't then I won't play it because nothing would make me more frustrated than losing my character due to "technical difficulites"
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