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December 22nd, 2010, 02:04
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
Topic's been beaten to death.

Hereīs some more beating though :

Unofficial Morrowind Patch
Better Bodies
Best face replacers are Better Heads and Vvardenfell Visages. Better Heads is the most lore friendly, Visages is pluginless and the faces look generally a bit better, but few characters get somewhat modern haircuts (no anime hairs fortunately). Look here for comparisons.
Illuminated Windows - great boost in atmosphere and best of its kind imo, needs a bit of ini tweaking for the best result
Pluginless NoGlow - most elegant solution of the magic plastic wrap effect issue

Ok, thatīs it for visual mods.

Wakimīs Game Improvements - Modular - rebalances almost everything in a sensible manner, note that if you install the Factions component, advancement in guilds will be more difficult (thatīs imo a very good thing as it enforces specialization)

Linoraīs Leveling Mod - there are other, more complex mods addressing leveling, but personally Iīve found this sufficient and itīs hassle-free, itīs only effect is you donīt have to hunt for attribute multipliers anymore

Graphic Herbalism - lets you pick plants by activating them instead of opening them like containers

LGNPC (Less Generic NPCs) - as its name says, makes dialogue of a lot of NPCs less generic, plus it adds some quests, should make playing for House Redoran more interesting, mostly fits with the game well

Starfire NPC Additions - adds NPCs in settlements and wilderness, by far the best mod of this kind, lightweight, lore friendly and bug-free, makes places feel much more lively

Haunted Tombs - a little mod that very effectively enhances atmosphere in tombs

Expanded Sounds - imo the best sound mod, a good atmosphere enhancer

Creatures X - most "comprehensive" enemy additions, adds passive and aggressive wildlife, more daedra/dremora variety, high level enemies, etc, mostly lore friendly, its only flaw is that it adds some vermin into cities, screenshots are here, get a fix for one small, but annoying bug from here (CreaturesX-jms_patch-0.2)

A Flock of Seagulls - adds a bit more life to skies in coastal regions, unlike other similar mods this doesnīt venture out of purist territory imo

Darknutīs Greater Dwemer Ruins - significantly overhauls the whole endgame, itīs quite epic and can fuck you running, trailer here

If you want a solid dungeon romp, check out Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel and The Haunted Tavern of the West Gash.

All of the above together should keep the original gameīs feel well intact, just enhance it in various ways and make the playthrough feel sufficiently different.

If youīd play a Telvanni character, Iīd also recommend Rise of House Telvanni which continues Houseīs storyline once you get to the top, and Uvirithīs Legacy which greatly expands everything around Telvanni stronghold. Both are well done.

This should be easy to setup, but read the install notes carefully.
Just to make sure your install order is ok, use Mlox.
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