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December 23rd, 2010, 00:00
Pegas horse ranch. Breed and buy your own horses that have their own characteristics (stats like speed and stamina). Changes the whole game when you can gallop through those long mountain passes instead of endless slow jogging. You can also fight while horsepack. And there is somthing special too but I wont spoil it.

Pegas Horse Ranch, available from Morrowind Summit, offers full featured
support for riding horses - and much more. It adds a ranch south of Vos
where you can purchase horses and the equipment to ride them. There are
several horse breeds which have different advantages and disadvantages.
Each horse has unique stats: Strength, endurance, intelligence and
speed. Some horses are capable of carrying a fully equipped knight over
a long distance, others are sleek and run fast but won't carry a heavily
armored warrior for very long. You will need to find the right horse for
your character.

To improve the stats of your horses, you can hire one of various
trainers. Not every trainer is equally skilled, you will need to figure
out which trainer is most qualified to work for you. Hiring a trainer is
expensive, but can improve your horses significantly.

The horses for purchase on the ranch are of common breed. If you have
the cash and time, you can start breeding your horses to cross-breeds,
which have superior stats. If you are lucky, you can breed cross-breeds
to the even better ultimate breeds, which will require a lot of patience
and luck to succeed - I havn't yet. I admit I obviously lack the basic
breeding knowledge, as at my very first attempt to breed two of my
horses some arrogant Nord laughed at me: "You are joking? I can tell the
difference between male and male."

The horses are very nicely done and fully animated. It's possible to
fight from the back of your horse; I suppose it might be a nifty idea to
use something like spears or other long weapons. You can also cast
spells from horseback, though you should avoid those 10ft area spells on
nearby targets, else you hit your horse as well. Companions can either
mount the same horse as you, or if you have the cash available, then buy
a second horse for your companion. They will even aid you in battle from
the back of their horse.

Horses are probably not the fastest way to travel, a character with > 90
speed runs quicker. However, this only takes the cheap, common breeds
into account, as I havn't managed to breed a faster horse yet. It's a
good way to travel long distances without exhaustion, as your horse can
run for much longer than you can before getting tired. For a low-level
character horses are a very good and stylish way to travel, as even the
cheapest common breed will run faster than a young adventurer.
You can use fast-travel with a horse, they don't mind a trip using a
ship or the silt-strier. I didn't try to get a horse through a mage
guild-guide, I thought Edwinna might not be so pleased to find some
horse apples all over her prized dwemer artifacts. This might seriously
hamper my mages guild career, so I leave that test to someone else.

Overall the mod runs stable. I had a couple of crashes when changing
cells, but I get these without this mod enabled as well, so it's hard to
tell if it's a problem with the mod or Morrowind. The riding animation
for companions looks a bit funny, but I do understand it's difficult to
do all these things using the scripting language, which probably wasn't
designed with horse support in mind. There is one dialog bug when
breeding two horses, which costs 2000 gold but the dialog checks for
10000 gold in your inventory (though only reduces 2000 gold then, so you
can workaround this by just having > 100000 available). Other than this
I found no serious problems.

To sum it up, this is an excellent mod. You can now travel with style,
and Daggerfall fans who missed horse riding can rejoice!
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