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December 29th, 2010, 19:01
Originally Posted by Icefire View Post
I see people trash movies like Skyline and Transformers and I have to ask. What in the hell were you expecting to see in these films? Films like these have been, are, and always will be, about one thing. Special effects. That's it. And along those lines they did very well. You are not going to get a great plot, terrific acting or whathave you. You are going to get special effects. Anyone expecting more is going to be sorely disappointed.

And this wasn't directed specifically at you DArtagnan, although it was your post that brought this up for me.
I'm not talking about expectations, I'm talking about the quality of the film as a whole. Special effects don't interest me in the least by themselves - but when they serve the story, they're nice when done well. Maybe that's why I think Avatar is crap - seeing as everything but the visuals was awful?

A movie doesn't get any better because I expect something specific from it, it is what it is regardless. Maybe the experience can be altered, but the actual movie is a static piece of work that doesn't change.

Skyline was a piece of shit - and expecting it to be won't change anything for me.

That said, I didn't expect anything. I just sat down and experienced it with an open mind - like I do with movies in most cases. Sometimes I get affected by hype, but it's rare - because I don't really follow them before release. I'd heard absolutely nothing about Skyline - except that it was a science fiction film.

It was abysmal.

Just my opinion, though.

If you think a movie is good when the special effects are done well, then I'm sure Skyline was worth it. It seems many people share your tastes, seeing as how movies like Avatar and Tron Legacy are doing so well. Stories and characters are completely ignored - but maybe I'm old-fashioned to care so much about them.

Personally, I think people are easy to please and enjoy the spectacle for its own sake - and especially the pleasure of turning off their brains. That's fine.

I don't.




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