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December 29th, 2010, 22:22
Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
CGI is itself a reason to see a movie , now for sci-fi fans Skyline is a must , like medieval era lovers will go and watch movies where the chain mail is drown with a marker on a white t-shirt.
In my opinion, Your comment is 100% out of bounds , like saying that someone goes to see "sweet movie" for the guy pissing on the dinner table.
Really? How many people went to see Independence Day because they thought Will Smith turned in an Academy award winning performance? How many went to see War of the Worlds because Spielberg turned in the directorial job of a lifetime? I'm not saying Skyline was a great movie. The acting was awful and the story was used better in Diehard. The special effects were terrific though. And for a science fiction fan WHO CARES about special effects, it was worth seeing. Independence Day was worth seeing for the special effects. War of the Worlds was worth seeing for the special effects. I should have worded my post a little better. If you go to these films expecting mindless fun and some cool effects, you'll be fine IN MY OPINION. That's all. And for the record, I absolutely hated Avatar. I am a huge fan of monster movies (which is why I liked skyline), but I thought the visuals were terrible. Too cartoony IN MY OPINION.. I also added those three words to your post Tragos. Makes a real difference in how people will react to it.
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