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December 30th, 2010, 15:59
I am playing G3 again with the 1.12 patch installed for a particular reason which i may explain at some later stage if all goes according to plan. (the game is running beautifully)

I have 74 hashishin rep' - just 1 more point then Diego and i can enter Ishtar peacefully with 75 rep, i just need to kill Grompel the orc shaman of Silden to get that final +1 point.

Grompel is a powerful magics user, his mana supply is endless, he can replenish to full health even at the stroke of death.

I have not been responsible for any deaths of humans or non-hostile orcs in the game so far, therefore It is vital that i stay like this and do not get attributed with Grompels death, any death stroke must not be done by NH (aligned to Adanos as a druid)

Please help, i am willing and able to try any suggested methods, ideas or even use exploits to successfully have Grompel killed.

PS: i have over 150 spare exp points to raise skills if suggested.
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