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December 30th, 2010, 22:07
Thanks Pladio, yes that's the guy, the quest is to follow Grompel, he will show the direction of the rebel attacks - an ideal time to kill him.

The snag is Grompel has no weapons, i have to slice at him several times for him to respond with his magic attack, when i am very close he stands still, poised and spell ready. If i run away i am dead from rapid fireball or ice lance spells, if i run at turbo speed and zig-zag up the hill toward the rebels, he simply turns around and walks back into town, if i then approach him before he returns he has become non-hostile again and his highlight has gone (it only shows when he is hostile.) If i summon a golem it is dead in less than a minute. I had four boars and four silver wolves attack him - lurkers, ripperbeasts, rhino's, he kills them all.

There has to be a stronger beast somewhere that has the power to withstand his magical attack, i've been trying for days - will keep trying.
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