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December 31st, 2010, 12:41
I travelled across the Silden valley and enticed a troll back to Grompel - he said "ah at last, a real opponent" then made mincemeat out of the troll.!!

I had already tried using Trompok (the arena champ) but he was soon killed, but i will admit he did show some combat staying power potential - probably something to do with an orc fighting an orc stats, so i decided to persevere with Trompok as suggested.
Finally after locking Grompel in a tight corner against a riverbank, Trompok gradually wore him down. I shot 85 consecutive arrows at him, had to revive Trompok with the "heal-other" spell 8 times, then it was all over.

The rep with hashishin +1 text rolled over the screen.

I am now in Ishtar, all water mages are alive, no non-hostile orcs have been killed by me, all humans including bandits are alive, all non-hostile nomads are alive, most quests to kill animals have been ignored (as per Adanos alignment) Lee has killed Rhobar who now sits on his throne, Xardas is dead - i watched as his undead servant (the skeleton with the sweeping brush) killed him - i retrieved the focus stone and Xardas's book, I still have all the unconsecrated chalices - Kurt is still alive!, Vak still has the artifact, he can keep it for now, this should cause migrations to varant to be restricted (as hinted by the hashishin 'envoy' in Trelis) i spoke with Innos at the shrine of enlightenment, he said "the king is dead, are you able to go it alone?" - I have the power of the ancestors, I have not opened any temples to release any undead as hinted by Myxir, i have have retained all artifacts in the game (except one??) as hinted by Diego, i have yet to have Zuben killed (after the right choice of quests and certain conditions met)….then and not before will i even attempt any liberations. Instead i will try to pick up pieces of the hinted storyline with the Water mages - Haran-Ho and all that.

Thanks Pladio for your help - Trompok proved to be a good choice.
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