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January 2nd, 2011, 22:57
I played a part of Divinity II Ego Draconis and then I got the DKS version, and then discovered I couldn't reuse saves of D2ED in DKS, not even for the expansion included in DKS. So I restarted with DKS, I had played a long session but it wasn't that huge and it was ok to restart.

The double play generated an awful feeling that there's many little details in DSK that are evolution to make it a little bit Oblivion like, I mean more in the main stream of Western RPG. It's just so awful and sad to notice that, even if it's just details:
  • The little detail that really chock me was that now the keys (or most of them) get a sort of particle effect involving in no way you have to search them but now you just quote them and pick them… what a challenge. Before it was many good mildly hidden objects adding some more spice to exploring and now it became just basic obvious click to do.
  • More ambiguous change, before there was in many more area much more box or barrels to check. Before there was probably too many but now you end with many corners empty. So now you just need fly through areas not putting care in details and don't worry, the game will put you obviously right under your noise the stuff to quote. I'm exaggerating but not that much.
  • Hidden stuff that was fun to find now often became obvious stuff you hardly don't notice. A very symbolic example is there's a personal diary you can find under a pack of straw, now you just see the book on the ground quite obvious and no realism to have such book not hidden.
  • I'm not sure but read and got this feeling too, that the difficulty that wasn't so high before, but it has been tune down a lot, seems like normal difficulty is now like easy difficulty was.

Moreover, and no idea why perhaps to solve other bugs, but I noticed many behaviors not working as well and overall that became more basic:
  • For example there's town folk out of the tavern until you solve the problem and when you do in old game version you see them coming back from the stairs, perhaps that's too fast but now instead three spawn magically and two other are still outside but when you start talk with them it's like they are in the cavern.
  • Another example is a way to solve a problem is to start a fight with some drunk men. In old version of the game right after you start the fight an event happen, now the even happen sooner avoiding the fight even starts, despite the dialog that follow pretends otherwise.

All in all this evolution to a more main stream approach in too many details won't be a dramatic change to the game but still is a significant change, and quite unpleasant. It's just one more game history event showing how the whole Western RPG community is evolving to passive RPG where anything is obvious and all need to be pinpoint clearly by the game.

The worst is that I contributed to this, even if it's in an insignificant part, I contributed by getting tired of waiting the fix (released a long later than English fix, but that's a poor excuse) and never come back again to it, because I listened the general feeling that it wasn't a that good game and never gave it a chance. Now I feel a bit punished with this DKS version that evolved a bit more to the mainstream WRPG approach approach I hate so much. But I'll come back to play the original version and well will buy a second time the expansion to have it compatible. Still it's one more talented team of WRPG designer/developper that have learned it's much better to fit the mass and mimic Oblivion.
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