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January 3rd, 2011, 18:47
By mentioning Oblivion I am exaggerating and yes it implied a sort of everything obvious. I didn't mean that I just mean that changes was pointless because the design was well done about it without the effect. And this change was totally in the Oblivion spirit. In fact in original game each time I see this effect it is awfully pointless, like you know where there's a hidden passage, but nope the game put right into your face a huge particle effect perhaps in case you are almost blind but more probably in case you just rush through the game like an idiot.

But yes it's not Oblivion, quests give you hints not an arrow to follow, in fact for some of the main keys the game provide you multiple redundant hints in case you miss some which is a good design and making pointless the particle effect in those cases.

For the behavior bugs I quoted ok it seems my version isn't fully clean or there's a part of random, have you played with the latest patch? I have seen complain about it adding bugs. Anyway then it's bug and not simplification so it's out of context of the subject.

EDIT: And for the difficulty smoothed that's a complicated question, I came back to the original game and quite soon my mage morphed in archer seems quite overpowerful through the buy of a weapon hitting harder, and in DKS version the stuff choice available at shops is quite more diversified and quite more numerous in the category of strong magical stuff. I know from what is coming this pale change, the multiple young whiners reinforced by the Diablo fanatics that want a super weapon/armor at each corner.
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