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January 3rd, 2011, 22:08
An interesting idea would be a kind of dungeon or enclave,
where skeletons and other undead ones live that are NOT one's enemy ! Kind of Skulduggery Pleasant type.

It could be like a normal town … just try to imagine how friendly undead ones would live … without the usual cliché of hating all living bings, but in this case rather the opposite : They are trying their best to support every stranger who is passing by … And only few ones are passing by this town, becaue a) everyone fears the skeltons (a simple case of prejudices : because EVERYONE believes them to be blood-thirsty monsters … ) and b), since they don't need any food, they also have no food within the town … no farmers etc. … The player's character might be having a hard live because there is just not a single thing of food within the own (the death of hunger and thirst being a REAL threat, then !), or the player's character could collect herbs, berries etc. or/and try to start a small farm of his own … He could then try to persuade the skeletons to improve their bad reputation by farming and selling stuff on the local markets … And thus being integrated as a normal members/citizens into the society over the next few hundreds of years …
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