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January 4th, 2011, 03:44
Hmmmm, Ego Draconis came out in 2009. Dragon Knight Saga is a "re-mastered" Ego Draconis plus an expansion and that did come out in 2010. I think it's worth putting on the list but I would understand if it wasn't there.

From what I've read, Nehrim is pretty much a full game based on Oblivion's engine. I think it has as much right to be there as Fallout: NV.

Mass Effect 2 is a shooter AND an RPG. It deserves to be on the list, IMHO.

The STALKER series is a lot more shooter than RPG, IMHO, though it has enough RPG elements that I think it could be included.

The list itself never really bothers me much - you folks are very good at doing that fairly. The thing that bugs me horribly is that I have to vote without playing even half the games on the list. Would it be possible to do a double poll? Have us choose our favorite RPG then, in a second question, let is checkmark each game that we played. That would let you say things like "35 people played Such & Such and 32 people listed it as the best game this year." And, if you can actually keep the two answers linked, you could say even more interesting things like "44% of the people who played both Such & Such and Mass Effect 2 listed ME2 as their favorite game while only 22% listed Such & Such with the other third voting for something else on the list."
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