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January 4th, 2011, 18:23
Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
People have indeed made a fuss over finding good gear too early in DKS. Also, if i remember correctly someone from Larian said, that before last patch for DKS the random item generator for the stores and chests was a bit too generous and that it's a bug.
I still fail to see how availability of enchanted/charmed equipment from the stores early on is any kind of a problem, given that you have access to an enchanter and charms too from early on.
I played the Steam version for DKS, not sure if it has the last patch or not but it still has the problem. At least it's my feeling could be also a huge random event misguiding me.

The point isn't a balance problem even if uber weapons and armors can contribute, the point is multiplication make it common stuff and destroy the pleasure of rarity. I haven't find yet the charm workshop but the enchantment workshop isn't at the very beginning like the first shops.

Anyway throw plenty very good magic items in first shops and it destroys the fun of finding and use the enchantment and charm workshop.

But well that point is for me more minor than the relative multiplication of particle effects.
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
Not patched.
I don't know if Steam version is patched or not. Anyway I didn't played further DKS and switched to D2:EG and will stick to it then I'll see what I do for the expansion.
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