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January 5th, 2011, 15:03
Just for the record…and on reflection…

Trompok was the wrong choice, in fact the actions of any assigned followers/helpers become associated with NH as if it was NH himself doing the deed (killing etc') - summoned creatures and even when NH transforms into an animal or beast will enable consequences when killing any non-hostile orcs.

Only free-roaming animals/beasts of the natural G3 world that are un-associated to NH can be allowed by enticement to lure towards Grompel with the intention of killing him without there being orc reputation consequences either first instance or accumulated and killing Grompel is a prerequisite to enter Ishtar per the main storyline and not neccessarilly to "side" with the hashishin but to worm your way into their confidence so that other progress of game storyline progression/openings can be achieved.

I found Ogres are an excellent choice in killing orcs - they have a relentless attack routine with only small rest gaps but there are none in the vicinity of Grompel.

The frivolous experiment i mentioned to see if killing Xardas would alter the main questline was obviously foolish but i had to see if there was any continuation in that direction - there wasn't, the quest line becomes truncated from that point, the very reason to enter Ishtar and please Zuben is to get his staff (amonst other things) and to enable the trigger to "find out for Zuben what Xardas is planning" to enable and further the main game (not liberation related) and somewhat covert quest line to continue onward.

So i deleted many saved games and reverted back to level-50 with Xardas still alive.

Grompel was eventually killed by the troll, i thought it would never end, it was a trial and error situation, i had him almost kill by arrows then the troll landed the final blow.

What a beautifull saga structured game G3 is.
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