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January 5th, 2011, 19:11
The selection of visual mods used is good.
The question is how well they´re mix&matched and how well the additional tweakage (mge, ini) was done.

Judging by this vid,
Originally Posted by Zerotown View Post
Here's a video that the compiler made of the mod collection.
the answer to the above question is: badly, in my opinion.
Purple in the beginning is rather over-the-top, I don´t like those big bluish stars, trees are mismatched and interiors look just terrible.

This is what I consider a well lit interior, this is how exteriors can look like if not drenched in bloom and this is night sky I consider more appropriate for the game.
Matter of taste, yeah, but that´s exactly why compendiums like this don´t work.

Moreover, this compilation isn´t purely audiovisual, it comes with Living Cities of Vvardenfell which introduces NPC schedules (which may prove a rather tedious addition given its implementation and Morrowind limits), ecology balancing mod (which among other things populates Solstheim with terribly animated deer and goats) and Morrowind Comes Alive which is just all around bad choice when it comes to mods populating the world with more NPCs (it´s buggy, introduces badly balanced enemies and some NPCs come with anime-ish hairdos). Starfire´s NPC Additions is a vastly superior take on this aspect.

That said, most of the visual mods used are good, so maybe with some mge tweaking and few exclusions this may be a solid fast solution after all, but I still think that anyone who wants to indulge in enhancing their Morrowind´s audiovisual quality with relatively little hassle should look into Povuholo´s Morrowind 2010 thread and use that as a guide instead.
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