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January 6th, 2011, 08:37
Have been playing Stronghold II quite a bit, and after firing up the original tonight for a while I have to say that this is one of those cases where the original is better than the sequel. Playing the original was like slipping on an old shoe, not perfect, but comfortable. The music is great, the whole feel of the game is overall different. Stronghold II was pretty widely panned, and I've been giving it a fair shot, but it's a tough game to like. Truth be told, the sequel is not all bad, it's just an annoying game to play. It has some cool yet ancillary features, but overall the war campaign totally sucks and the enemy and indeed your own troops are so clueless. They werent geniuses in the first one either, but it was manageable. It was fun to play. The economic campaign is no refuge either. It should be a nice castle kingdom sim to just kinda chill and play, but again it turns out pretty bad. Ragequit city.

I'll fire it up again no doubt this weekend and give it another shot, but as of now I have to say that the original 2D Stronghold and Crusader expansion are far better than the sequel!
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