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January 6th, 2011, 19:44
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
You're probably right - I'd never heard of it before seeing it on a Steam sale. Not really my thing, so I didn't think about it. Still, surely Puzzle Quest was wildly popular…Flight Control looked like a 2-man team indie or something and I was surprised they bought II. Clearly I'm out of touch.
Obviously, you are a man of caverns living in the past and not seeing the jet planes in the sky. Well I don't think there's any jet in Flight Control.

But Firemint didn't only developed Air Control, it's their first game, made a ton of money with it and used the money to make a game with a much bigger production cost (even if quite lower than any A game on PC), a car racing game, Real Racing and bingo another sale success, then few month ago they released Real Racing 2, and a third sale success in chain.

For the quote Real Racing 2 is in top ten grossing game (I mean top based on income not on number of sells) in my country App store since its release.

EDIT: And I don't think there's any Australia game developer/publisher in top 100 PC games in my country.
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