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January 6th, 2011, 22:04
Hi all,

Since Europeans have had the luxury of having both of these available for a while now, I thought I'd ask. How do they compare?

I loved TW on PC, even though I know most of it was rubbish. I had a blast anyway. I've pre-ordered TW2 for my 360, but after hearing that DKS will arrive shortly in North America for 360, I thought I'd find out from those that have played both how they stack up.

They seem similar in many ways, though perhaps DKS might be more polished. TW2 appears to be quite a lot more customizable, but I could totally be wrong about that.

I am getting an external video card for my laptop (ViDock 4 + Radeon 5770) so I'd be able to play it on that. However, since font size is an issue when you're 8 feet back from your TV (I use a 47" LCD), I prefer to use my PC for strategy gaming and I'm leaving the 360 for the RPGs.

Specifically, I'm curious about how they compare with respect to:

* exploration, adventuring
* character customization, flexibility
* general UI, ease-of-use (did the camera get tweaked in DKS after patch 2, or is that PC only? Did the inventory in TW2 get an option to reduce item sizes, or is that on PC only?)
* overall FUN. This is subjective, so I'll take opinions about why it was fun for you.
* voiceacting, story (from Let's Plays on YT, DKS seems quite high quality)
* and I guess graphics if you want to go into that.



edit: if you'd like to compare the 360 version to the PC version of both/either, that'd be appreciated as well.
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